The Easiest, Most Adorable Last-Minute Foodie Gift Idea

Ok, so full disclosure – I was pretty proud of myself for this cute holiday gift idea – but I actually created it completely by accident. Read to the end to hear the full story…never question how inspiration strikes I guess!

As I get older, I try to be as practical as possible with gift-giving since I know how everyone ends up collecting so much junk they don’t really need as the years pass. Especially in NYC where space is particularly limited, lots of random objects – no matter how thoughtful or fun they are – can turn your apartment into a knock-off hoarder’s den very quickly. I love that this gift is cost-effective, useful and cheery, and can also be used for men or women, depending on their taste. It does have to be for someone 21+ though!

So, without further ado…

Beret on Chardonnay!

A box of wine wearing a new winter’s hat! I love that the person can enjoy the wine and then wear the hat, so two very functional gifts – plus the presentation is practically too cute for words.

I would say this can range from $25-35, depending on how much you want to spend on each element, so pretty affordable to me. Any boxed wine will do, but I’ve always like the taste of Black Box. Plus you can put this together last-minute: here are a couple hats on Amazon Prime you can get before the holiday:

So, ready for how I came up with this? I had a box of wine out on my kitchen table, and came in from outside where it was snowing and was looking for a place to dry my hat. I was doing laundry and all of the surfaces in my apartment were covered, so I put it on top of the box just to drip off. When I walked back out and saw it I couldn’t believe what a good idea I had stumbled upon. Craziness!

To see what I’m eating in the meantime, follow me on Twitter or Instagram @ClaireLeaden. I’m also heading to Disney for Christmas for the first time ever, so follow along for *magical* food there as well!

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