Edible Ideas: Board Game Night

We had a board game night with friends a few weeks back, and since I’m a sucker for anything themed, I went all out with the food/drinks I brought. Game nights are perfect for this in-between winter and spring weather, and when you don’t want to spend a lot of money going out. Read on to see what I made!

The Cheeseboard Game


I had way too much fun with this. WAY too much. I randomly thought of having cheese and crackers set up to look like a board game (not really sure what sparked that) and then just went all out from there. I bought 2 types of crackers (one more oval shaped and one box of square Triscuits), 2 types of cheese (Monterey jack and provolone), and salami. Then I got an aluminum tray and hot-glued construction paper to the bottom. I sketched out the main idea of how I wanted the shape of the crackers to be and then got to work on the puns!

I made all of the little settings out of construction paper – the Swiss (cheese) Alps, the Fondue River, and the “Pepperoni Pass,” and pasted them with a glue stick and labeled with a Sharpie. Then when I was finished drawing, we covered the entire thing with plastic wrap (which definitely reflected in the photo unfortunately) and hot glued it to the edges. Then we put the crackers in the shape of the board game (“gluing” them to the board with cream cheese) and topped with cheese and pepperoni. It took a little long to put together but it was definitely a lot of fun to make!

Candy Land Cocktail


I’ll be honest, this cocktail was created based on what I had on my bar cart (I had a big bottle of coconut rum I wanted to use up!). Once I decided on the Candy Land theme, I wanted to make it pink so I decided to combine it with cranberry juice, and then to cut any sweetness, just topped it off with seltzer. I honestly just mixed each drink within the glass and poured a bit of each until it tasted good. It came out pretty yummy for a made-up cocktail! Then I made little skewers of candy – I chose DOTS (because there are a lot of gumdrops in the game) and peach gummies. I wanted to add those crazy lollipops but couldn’t find them anywhere at the last minute. I also added these colorful striped straws I had leftover from my birthday party (more to post on that eventually).

If you decide to have a board game night soon (which I highly recommend), I hope this gives you some fun ideas to take it to the next level!

See you next week! To see what I’m eating in the meantime, follow me on Instagram or Twitter @ClaireLeaden

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