3 After-Drinks Dinners You Can Make in Minutes

Good decisions are almost never made post-drinking, and though it’s true for many cases (there’s a reason “drunk texting exes” is an infamous pastime), it’s especially true for food. The first thing most of us do after stumbling out of the subway or Uber is make a beeline to the 24-hour taco truck down the block, or fire up the Seamless app while getting into pajamas. Though that’s what seems great in the moment, it can definitely have you feeling worse for wear the next day — for your body and your wallet.

If you’re on a tight budget, those impaired eating decisions can really wreak havoc on your personal finances and mental state. So, instead of leaving yourself vulnerable to late night decisions, stock your fridge with a few items so you’ll know exactly what to whip up the next time you peer into your kitchen with bleary eyes and a rumbling stomach.

And, luckily, the below recipes also help counteract hangover woes and give your body what it needs after being put through the ringer. Still, if you don’t delete certain contacts out of your phone before you head out, you’re on your own…

1. Ricotta Scrambled Eggs with Side Salad

Take “breakfast for dinner” to a whole new level with creamy ricotta cheese. Eggs are cheap, healthy (packed with protein and vitamin D) and contain specific amino acids that help prevent headaches and also can help flush alcoholic toxins from the body. As you’re scrambling, throw in a dollop of ricotta cheese (a bonus if you have chives or fresh herbs as well!), which will make them creamy and comforting, while also adding a little extra protein and calcium to fill you up. A simple side salad, if you have some leftover greens and a spare cucumber or tomato, will add more vitamins and nutrients that your body is likely starving for.

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