The Best No-Cook Summer Meals

Lots of people hate New York in the winter—the cold, the gray, the dark, the overall dreariness—not me, though, I hate it in the summer! The heat and humidity is just SO intense, especially down in the subway platforms. The garbage reeks. The electricity bill is high. And the window ACs just don’t cut it, no matter how hard they work their little hearts (engines?) out.

So, I pretty much DO NOT use the oven in the summer, and try to avoid using the stove. In honor of that time of year, I scoured all my posts (or most of them) to find the best meals that don’t require any cooking. Ok, a few of them require a grain like rice or quinoa, but if you get the fast-cooking kind and do it in the morning before the heat is really bad, you can make it work! Oh, and cook the sweet potato in the microwave!

Enjoy! And let me know what your go-to hot weather meals are, I’m always looking for any way to make eating in the heat more bearable!


Greek Yogurt Parfait (with granola and either peanut butter or Nutella!) and Fruit [Week 31]

Creamy Ricotta Breakfast Bowl [Week 28]

Lunches & Dinner

Spring Roll Bowl with Sweet Garlic Lime Sauce (noodles, cucumber, radish, tomato, avocado with a yummy sauce) [Week 28]

Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad [Week 35]

Chopped Tomato Salads [Meal Prep Queens]

Trio of Savory Tartines [Week 30]

Ricotta and Tangerine Salad with Date Vinaigrette [Week 14]

Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato [Week 29]

Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps [Week 21]

Homemade Faux-ke Bowl (faux-Poke – did that work??) [Week 18]

Avocado Caprese Salad [Same Ingredients, 3 Ways]

Turkey Avocado Goat Cheese Club [Week 33]

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