Week 37: Summer Lovin’

This week was a short one – but I figured I would still share so you can get some more quick, summer meal ideas!

Had in kitchen: Bran Flakes, balsamic dressing, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, jarred vodka sauce, Parmesan cheese, canned tuna, mayo, red wine vinegar,

Bought: La Croix, 1 beefsteak tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 lb carrots, green beans, 1 yellow onion, 1 shallot, 1 bag mixed greens, 1 bunch bananas, fresh mozzarella, half of a rotisserie chicken, garlic hummus (for snacking)

Spent: $29 (aka $9.67/day for 3 meals per day)

Daily Breakfast: Bran Flakes with sliced banana and almond milk


Dinner: Garlic Pantry Pasta

Comments from Claire: This is random, but my sister was visiting this day and got hungry later at night since the salad she ordered for dinner was pretty small. I had been out of my apartment for two weeks and didn’t have much, but this is a good, quick pantry meal! Cook pasta, drizzle in garlic olive oil (or garlic sauteed in olive oil), mix with Parmesan cheese, salt and plenty of ground black pepper. Hit the spot!


Lunch: Pasta

Dinner: Caprese Salad with Rotisserie Chicken 

Claire’s Quips: I love a caprese salad for a summer time meal (clearly), but I added a little more substance to this one with a rotisserie chicken I picked up from the grocery store.


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Pasta with Vodka Sauce, Garlic, Peas

Comments from Claire: Had lots of pasta in the pantry, and a jar of vodka sauce that was fading (from this article). To amp it up a little I sauteed peas and garlic in olive oil and seasoning, and then mixed it all in with the pasta, sauce, and some pasta water.


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Tuna Salad with Green Beans

Comments from Claire: I made tuna salad the normal way (mayo, salt, pepper), tossed green beans with red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, sliced shallots, minced garlic, and then tossed both the tuna and green bean mixture with greens.

See you next week! To see what I’m eating in the meantime, follow me on Instagram or Twitter @ClaireLeaden

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