Week 38: For a Crowd, or Just for One

Two’s a crowd—at least on the weeknights, when I’m just cooking for myself! But that doesn’t mean a recipe meant for a group of people won’t work for me. This week, I made three recipes that were meant for entertaining guests—from a hearty dip to a simple, crowd-worthy app. The best part? It felt like I was throwing a party for myself!

Had in kitchen: 1 clove garlic, olive oil, garlic olive oil, pasta, spices (salt/pepper, cumin, garam masala), milk, Bran Flakes, sriracha,

Bought: 2 cans chickpeas, 1 bottle red wine vinegar, 1 lb ground lamb, 1 bunch fresh parsley, 1 clove garlic, 1 pint grape tomatoes, 1 lemon, 1 pint mixed berries, 1 bunch scallions, 3 plum tomatoes, 2 yellow squash, 1 bag flatbread, 1 pint ricotta cheese

Spent: $28.35 (aka $5.67/day for 3 meals per day)

Daily Breakfast: Bran Flakes with Berries

Claire’s Quips: Sorry another boring breakfast! Need to finish that box of Bran Flakes 😉 Will break the rut next week!


Lunch: Hummus, Lamb and Squash Platter

Comments from Claire: One of the issues I run into most often when cooking at home is getting the same combination of flavors in a dish that I would at a restaurant. I loved this recipe because the spice combination on the lamb was so flavorful and tasted like I got it from a street cart or authentic restaurant. I also love how the squash cut the heaviness of the lamb. This was delicious–but I think topped the some hot sauce and plain yogurt would’ve really taken it to new heights! I also left out the tahini in the hummus and used olive oil and the chickpea water instead. Oh, and I bought flatbread instead of making my own.

Dinner: Out


Lunch: Tomato Ricotta Flatbread

Comments from Claire: Since I had the flatbread, I was originally going to make this recipe (which I’m sure I’ll make one week since it looks amazing), but since I was getting ricotta cheese for tomorrow’s recipe, I decided to find a different recipe. I stumbled upon this one from Bobby Flay – and it was quite tasty! Also quite simple to whip-up and all I did was toast the flatbread so I didn’t have to use much heat (great in the summer).

Dinner: Hummus and Lamb Pita Pocket with Lettuce and Tomato


Lunch: Tomato Ricotta Flatbread

Dinner: Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

Comments from Claire: Yum yum yum! Like most things these days, I find a lot of recipes through Instagram, and I immediately bookmarked this one from the NY Times Cooking Instagram page. I didn’t use the pancetta or top with mint, and it was still So delicious. I love this method of cooking the tomatoes until they burst because they come so sweet and jammy.


Lunch: Pasta

Dinner: Leftovers from Tuesday

See you next week! To see what I’m eating in the meantime, follow me on Instagram or Twitter @ClaireLeaden

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