“Millennial Meals” is a weekly blog documenting the food escapades of a 20-something freelancer living in NYC. Yes, it is possible to eat healthily/deliciously/cheaply (freelance means freelance-level salary); it just requires some millennial meal planning.

When I graduated and moved to the big bad city, I was actually excited to have food totally in my control. No more reliance on the dining hall—convenient but too chock-full of bad choices—or trying to cook at the same time as three other people in my college apartment kitchen. Even so, when I went on my first grocery store trip and came back cramming a bunch of random things into the fridge with no specific ideas of what to use them for, I knew I was in over my head. I realized that doing organized meal-planning, though it would take up more time on my Sundays, would ensure that food wasn’t wasted and I wouldn’t come home on a long day starving and not knowing what to whip together.

There are lots of articles about eating healthy while saving money, and while the listed tips are good, they’re just that—a list of tips. This blog will go through the real life application, with instructions and my “quips” or comments so you don’t end up making the same mistakes I do. After months of practice, I’ve finally established a system of finding (or creating) yummy recipes with healthy ingredients, and revolving my meals around the same ingredients without eating the same thing each night. Each post will go through a week of meals, including photos and detailed feedback. Enjoy and cook up!